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Only the Baddest Bicycles Ride Here!

Around the globe choppers, lowriders, and other bicycles are transfering humans into Peter Fondas & Kid Rocks OVERNIGHT! Whether you ride a tandem, recumbent, mountain bike or just want to learn about these bicycles, you're in the right place.

Come, let me show you...

Okay, I'm a bike fanatic. I know it. I've come to grips with it. Honestly, writing about them is almost as fun as riding one. Maybe it takes me back to my childhood, when I was just a little tyke.

Ahhhh, the memories...I can still remember my mom yelling: "I've got'cha! I've go'cha! You can do it!" only to turn around and see her 20 feet behind me. ----- "MOOOMMMMMYYY!"

Not long ago, while surfing the net, I realized that it's pretty hard to find decent information about alot of these amazing two-wheeled wonders. You've got to sift through TONS of sales copy to find any information.

Sooo...I created this site. It's for everyone's viewing & learning pleasure. Enjoy, and please feel free to email with any questions, comments, or news of other trendy styles.

I Am the Creator of Amazingbicycles.com
This page is an introduction to Brooks Slaughter, creator of Amazingbicycles.com.

Good bicycle safety can keep you alive. Do you practice it?
Practicing bicycle safety goes beyond just wearing a helmet. Here's 4 quick lessons to keep you safe.

Bicycle Art...Everything You Need To Know
Looking for bicycle art? Expand your mind and your collection with this bike art...

Chopper Bicycles...Style Never Looked so Weird
Chopper bicycles are chopped and ridden with style! Check out how these bikes will get you the attention you crave.

Low Rider Bicycles:Meet the Next Generation of Bikes...Again!
Low Rider Bicycles Take Pedaling to New Levels! You'll Be the Talk of the Block With This Style Soaked Bike.

Recumbent bicycles...bikes for the lazy?
Recumbent bicycles, or comfort bicycles, are more relaxing than your easy chair! They may be the wave of the future.

Tandem bicycles are bikes built for two!
Tandem bicycles give you room to chat! Bike with family, friends, or romantic interest...

Electric Bicycles: finally YOU can be like Lance...
No Driver's License? Electric bicycles are great for running errands or biking for fun.

Bmx Bikes...These bicycles do it all! Except fly...
Bmx bikes are symbols of youth. Find out where bmx bicycles came from, and how you can get your hands on one.

Folding Bicycles...These bikes define mobility
Folding bicycles can be stored anywhere with ease. See why folders are the ultimate commuter/traveler bicycle. You won't believe your eyes!

Mountain Bikes...These Bicycles are Hummers With Pedals!
Mountain bikes take you where no other can. Find out why a mountain bike is THE choice for you.

Cruiser Bicycles...Take a Relaxing Bike Ride in Style
Cruiser Bicycles are your prescripton for stress relief. Hit the beach in style and comfort with these bikes!

Road Bikes Satisfy the Need For Speed, Just Don't Forget to Buckle Up
The image of perfection IS the road bike. Whether racing or touring, these bicycles quench your need for speed. BONUS: Road bikes burn tons of fat!

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